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Koda — Robot pet companion app

UX, UI, Copywriting, Prototyping, Animation

I was hired to make an interface for an AI-powered robot capable of evolving and learning.
I designed the complete user flow, from the initial setup to the emergency brakes.

Main screen
User interface
Navigation system
Inside scoop: I MacGyvered my vacuum cleaner to record this. 😅
Various interface elements

Kostic Type — Type foundry website

Concept, Design, Development, Copywriting

Quick user research told me that what customers want from a type foundry website is a way to test out typefaces as soon as possible.

So I made the entire website one big tester tool.

I then realized that users will need to test out the paragraphs as well. So I did the next obvious thing and connected the word they wrote to the Wikipedia API.

Loading and taming the huge amount of web fonts, as well as sanitizing Wikipedia results, was a big front-end challenge and a great learning experience.

Guidigo — Augmented Reality startup

Product, Strategy, UX, UI, Prototyping, Development

For the last 3 years, I had worked as a Product Team Lead for Guidigo and helped the company pivot into a feasible market.

Being in a startup environment, I covered many roles: product roadmap and strategy, design, sales and marketing, along with leading a team of Unity developers and 3D modelers.

Landing page for the AR service

I designed an award-winning AR experience for the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Before pivoting to AR, the company was all about guided tours. I designed the UX and UI for mobile apps, as well as the web app, which I also coded.

Inside — A technology conference

Naming, Branding, Design

Silicon Valley experts came to my hometown to share their trade secrets. I designed the entire conference, from the naming to art direction and website development.

This was an exclusive event, with a limited and carefully curated list of attendees, where speakers shared never before heard war stories.

Day 1 of the conference  
Collateral Fun fact: that's my mug on the right. 🙋‍♂️


UI, UX, Branding, Design, Development

I have extensive experience in building e-commerce websites. Checkout flows, dynamic discounts, cart abandonment issues, conversion rate optimization — you name it.

Float grew into a small family business that I designed and developed from scratch, with a fully custom-made webshop.

Okov is the largest retailer in the region, with over 100k products spread across thousands of categories.

The company approached me to do their rebranding and build their online presence.
I defined the business logic and coordinated the entire effort, from front-end and design to managing a team of back-end developers.


Branding, Design, Development

Over the years, I've made many websites and interfaces.

And designed different brands.

Thanks for reading. ✌️

I share everything I know on Twitter.
Stefan Trkulja
End-to-end product designer

I have been building for the web ever since spacer GIFs were a thing.

A designer with a knack for development. Always looking for cool things to work on. Product, strategy, interface, UX.

Previously worked at an AR startup where I wore many hats.

Founding product designer at CoRise.

I share everything I know on Twitter.